Friday, 3 July 2015

Extract from Commute


23rd April

Unknown hawk. Almost crash into turning car.
Radio 4 becomes BBC Gael at top of Soutra.
Origin of word Soutra?

24th April

Female hen harrier? Top of Soutra thin wings
raised on ground-brown. Rain showers
thundery curious light – trees red/brown on
way back past Oxton.

25th April

Puncturing rain green leaves abandoned torn in
the car park. Beech trees out just past
Earlston; outgrown hedge; mast infinite
complicated. Cherry surrounded by spoil like
grit from the storm.

26th April

So much rain both sides of Soutra – scaffold
lorry beech tree mast tri-coloured brown pale
green black into puddles like a cloth/carpet
spread down the slope.

27th April

Queues of lorries over Soutra peeling off
conveniently. Buzzard uncomfortably perched
at the top of young sapling on Dalkeith by-pass
with thinnest twigs. Yesterday another
on telegraph wires next to 2 pigeons.

30th April

Thick fog en route back across Soutra from
Pathhead pretty much to Oxton – low visibility
– foglight. Sharp view of Salisbury Crags at the
top of Easter Road – waiting at junction in car
– 1st time I’ve noticed.

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