Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sorting algorithms and editing

Yes it has all been quiet. An editing kind of quiet.

Lots going on but not much to see. As a result I have enjoyed looking at the visualisation of sorts by Timo Bingmann.

Audibilisation too!

Sorting algorithms have a weird fascination for me and encourage me to think of a kind of mechanisation of editing.

So imagine some different passes:

  • checking for duplicate words - are they good/bad/emphatic/a mistake
  • internal rhyme - wow! just enjoy it...maybe turn it up a bit here and there
  • rhythm - check?
  • rhyme - scheme? does it have one? should it?
  • stanza? signs of dehiscence? what happens if I break the normal big fat strand of verse into boxes of say 3 lines, 6 lines. 4 lines...oh feedback into rhyme scheme and recheck...
  • vocabulary - what it is saying about the poem?
  • and so on...

So that is what I am up to right now,

You can find the sorting algorithms here

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