Monday, 30 November 2015

StAnza 2016 programme & new website out now

Great news as almost full details are released on St Andrew's Day. (You know they like to keep a few little surprises to whet our appetites). And I am delighted to be reading in a Scottish Book Trust New Writers' Showcase alongside the very wonderful Em Strang, Lindsay Macgregor and Samuel Tongue.

Full details here and @khursheb here

Thursday, 26 November 2015

@khursheb broke Twitter

People may claim to break the internet.

However p&g editor Bridget Khursheed managed to break Twitter by copying c85000 characters of code into one tweet. We look forward to further stress tests and hopefully a graph on this later...

Graphic a reconstruction - although to be honest, we managed to break Twitter again whoops...

Last call for Cafe Writers Competition 2015

Deadline creeping up fast - it is on Monday.

Nice first prize of a grand (£1000) plus many other prizes including:
  • £200 & a meal for two at The Iron House for the best poem from a person who lives in Norfolk
  • and the funniest poem not winning another prize will get one hundred pounds.
£4 per poem. Something for the weekend...

You can enter this competition here

Monday, 16 November 2015

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge just broke Blogger

Impossible to post my Sidekick blog from Microsoft Edge as it is "unsupported" by Blogger? (I wish I had clipped that screen message but it has disappeared now.)

Weird. Had to go back to Chrome as MS Edge crashed when I posted a picture. Huh!

Here is a picture of some space instead (let's see if this works):

Simple answer is no. Erratic behaviour in upload screen with first image disappearing and then reappearing. And then freezing again. So back to Chrome to get this post online...

Used to have problems with Preview when viewed in IE11 the previous MS browser for Windows 8.1 but of course you can just avoid Preview. Not so this time. Let's hope it works soon...or I might have to stop using Edge which would be shame (wouldn't it?).

Surveyors' Riddles out now from Sidekick

It is hard to disrespect any book that has Lego on its cover. Word of Surveyors’ Riddles just came through the p&g post box and keen-ness to read it is high. More once we have it.

Sidekick Books say:

Here are the famously gnomic and prophetic Surveyors' Riddles, newly translated for a modern audience to puzzle on, dabble with and divine from. Giles Goodland and Alistair Noon have taken the rules of genetic poem-sequencing to a geological extreme, and in so doing, they have bored from the rock of literary hardcore a sequence of gneissic quality – sparkling with allusions to the contemporary, the historical and the alt-historical. Just remember to let someone know where you're going before you enter.

For now the puddingstone details. It is by the very wonderful Giles Goodland and Alistair Noon and is £5+postage from Sidekick Books. You can purchase it here

And Alistair has another book out The Kerosene Singing from Nine Arches Press of which more later...

Monday, 9 November 2015

Vintage petrol pumps of Biggar

The thing about these pumps is that they remind me of swine flu.

Yes remember swine flu.

I had gone over to do a reading as a fringe event at the Little Biggar festival and spent the day wandering the streets. I didn't really like driving in the dark so had gone early. And these pumps took my fancy. To some people they don't seem to look that old. To me, they stood like a row of space ships parked and then forgotten. The colour and the chrome. Not to mention the numbers of the last petrol purchased frozen on their analogue dials.

And that's the thing about flu because I can remember more about the pumps than the evening.

I know later I got lost and drove round the tops for a good while. There seemed to be quite a large space of time in that car on that road with dark hedges.

But eventually I got home and spent the next several days with a very high temperature and headache.