Monday, 16 November 2015

Surveyors' Riddles out now from Sidekick

It is hard to disrespect any book that has Lego on its cover. Word of Surveyors’ Riddles just came through the p&g post box and keen-ness to read it is high. More once we have it.

Sidekick Books say:

Here are the famously gnomic and prophetic Surveyors' Riddles, newly translated for a modern audience to puzzle on, dabble with and divine from. Giles Goodland and Alistair Noon have taken the rules of genetic poem-sequencing to a geological extreme, and in so doing, they have bored from the rock of literary hardcore a sequence of gneissic quality – sparkling with allusions to the contemporary, the historical and the alt-historical. Just remember to let someone know where you're going before you enter.

For now the puddingstone details. It is by the very wonderful Giles Goodland and Alistair Noon and is £5+postage from Sidekick Books. You can purchase it here

And Alistair has another book out The Kerosene Singing from Nine Arches Press of which more later...

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