Monday, 9 November 2015

Vintage petrol pumps of Biggar

The thing about these pumps is that they remind me of swine flu.

Yes remember swine flu.

I had gone over to do a reading as a fringe event at the Little Biggar festival and spent the day wandering the streets. I didn't really like driving in the dark so had gone early. And these pumps took my fancy. To some people they don't seem to look that old. To me, they stood like a row of space ships parked and then forgotten. The colour and the chrome. Not to mention the numbers of the last petrol purchased frozen on their analogue dials.

And that's the thing about flu because I can remember more about the pumps than the evening.

I know later I got lost and drove round the tops for a good while. There seemed to be quite a large space of time in that car on that road with dark hedges.

But eventually I got home and spent the next several days with a very high temperature and headache.

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  1. These pumps are, alas, no more. These relics of a bygone age (which were still in use up until the proprietor of Stephens' Garage, Auld Bill Steele, retired in 2012) have been removed to make way for the car park of the new museum, which presents a simulacrum of that same bygone age.

    And, talking of those tops among which you got lost... You didn't try to get back to the Borders 'owre the Cryne', via the back roads to Kilbucho and Broughton, did you? Not in the dark, surely! If so, ye werena feart! That's Buchan's Witchwood country. I've a poem about it -