Monday, 16 November 2015

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge just broke Blogger

Impossible to post my Sidekick blog from Microsoft Edge as it is "unsupported" by Blogger? (I wish I had clipped that screen message but it has disappeared now.)

Weird. Had to go back to Chrome as MS Edge crashed when I posted a picture. Huh!

Here is a picture of some space instead (let's see if this works):

Simple answer is no. Erratic behaviour in upload screen with first image disappearing and then reappearing. And then freezing again. So back to Chrome to get this post online...

Used to have problems with Preview when viewed in IE11 the previous MS browser for Windows 8.1 but of course you can just avoid Preview. Not so this time. Let's hope it works soon...or I might have to stop using Edge which would be shame (wouldn't it?).

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