Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tickets for StAnza on sale now

I have been buying my tickets.

Looking forward very much to seeing Lemn Sissay and Don Patterson on Friday night but I am also loving the German strand with events like Anna Crowe, Michael Donhauser, Odile Kennel, and Don Paterson again in a VERSschmuggel (verse smuggling) reading. I thought this would be the time I would get to hear Sean O'Brien but I have a very strong commitment to being in a forest on Sunday so that is not to be. Excellent line-up all through the festival and that is not to mention the open mics and of course just rubbing shoulders with everyone in St Andrews.

I will be reading myself alongside the fabulous Lindsay Macgregor, Em Strang and Samuel Tongue

Tickets available and all the interesting stuff you could possibly need here

Top tip: Oxfam on South Street do a fabulous spread of all their poetry books. Impossible to resist....

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