Thursday, 21 April 2016

wetlands, flow, and questions of scale

I am off to Dumfries tomorrow to take part in Borderlands 2 - a gathering that takes us first to the reserve Kirkconnell Flow to learn how to take a geological core sample. I will be bringing my binoculars too for this part. Good place for warblers I think. And then for a workshop in Dumfries the following day.

Looking at the peat layers in the sample feels to me like a very grounding activity. But I hope to be bumping into some different people and ideas too. Which likely will have the opposite effect.

These kind of days feel a little like an open door. And I am looking forward to walking through.

Borderlands describes its genesis:

For a number of years now, a few of us from northern England and Scotland have been making the trek into the deep south to attend an annual conference/symposium type of event, which brings together scientists, artists, writers and other creative oddjobs, to meet, share ideas and enthusiasms, learn and generally network. The common ground is nature, in the broadest sense – (without getting into questions of what is or isn’t natural!).
More information on this ongoing project led by environmental artist Kate Foster, Geoff Sample and Malcolm Green is available here

And will necessarily be also seeking out a bit of Burns once in Dumfriesshire too...of which more later

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