Thursday, 16 January 2020

Anna Gual translated work from the Catalan

I am reminded today of the beautiful and enduring qualities of the Catalan language and the country. So I took a moment to translate this poem by Anna Gual about her maternal line.

Re-re-re-great grandmother
The right to surrender ourselves is not a right,
You should say that to someone that I looked like.
It is a semantic error.
It is a magma hoax.

All centuries are the same century.
Only colours and shapes change.
The habits.
The bacteria.

You have always inhabited all times.
You've always lived inside.
Alive and dead at the same time.

With the spirit of someone who pushes,
a carriage.

From Other half gods (LaBreu Edicions, Barcelona 2019)

You can find the original and other poems here.


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