Saturday, 17 October 2020

Loaded words 25.11.20

Enjoy a fabulous p&g spoken word and poetry virtual event with poet Joolz Denby and - from Scottish rap group The Honey Farm - Bee Asha Singh and Gael Curran, alongside eclectic editor and curator Gregory McCartney of Abridged (one of p&g's best-loved publications) and HU.

Are our words loaded against us? Do we think of and react to spoken word differently to poems in books? And how does online fit in? This debate has been going on a long time but do poets today even want or need to get published on paper - and what extra does that offer them?

This event celebrates both (and a few more methods for getting your word out besides), looks at differences to access between spoken word and book and magazine publishing, and how that might affect poets from less well-represented groups. Hear spoken word at its finest plus a chance to discuss in articulate and inspirational company why and how our words can be loaded to be heard and shared.

Faciliated by p&g's own Bridget Khursheed.

This event is free. Yes that's right! We are available worldwide on Zoom. And don't forget that we are still looking for one more performer/poet - send us your links the usual way.

Learn more about the event and find out how to register here. Limited tickets available.


More on Joolz Denby - if you need it - here.

More on The Honey Farm -"potentially the first and only and by default greatest Scottish female rap group of all time" - here and insta here.

More on Abridged here and HU here.

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