Sunday, 21 November 2021

The Last Days of Petrol out from Shearsman January 2022

How does it feel? Living in the last days of petrol?

A new poetry collection from p&g is coming out in January 2022 from Shearsman Books.

When everything is water

How did we get here? The roads have gone
Once there was a network and we plugged into that

Buses came for school only to the road end
Now they are swept away by the waves.

We are the central point our island of barn and beasts
Three bairns and many thrushes.

There is nothing left to share.
Fodder all squared up.

Once the helicopter came like a bee
Drawn by the flowers still blooming by the door.

More here

The book cover photo is a picture of Selkirk swimming pool in the rain

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